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Please note that all reviews and interviews below are from Dutch press releases and, therefore, available in Dutch only.

Deadly Desire interview with Marle Brouwer and Rosa Arnold.
18-02-2012 op radio Noord-Holland

Listen here (in Dutch)
Deadly Desire review 24-01-2012 

Deadly Desire review 24-01-2012 in de Trouw

Deadly Desire review 20-02-2012

Deadly Desire in Dutch newspaper De Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant

Deadly Desire absolute must see according to magaine NL 20

Deadly Desire tip in magazine Flair

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Deadly Desire tip in TV guide Veronica-gids

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Deadly Desire in Dutch newspaper AD (interview)

Deadly Desire in Dutch newspaper Esta (interview)

Deadly Desire in Dutch newspapers Gooi-Eemlander, Het Haarlems Dagblad and de Gelderlander (interview)

Deadly Desire in the Dutch newspaper Noord Hollands Dagblad (interview)

Deadly Desire in Dutch newspaper Gezinsblad Purmerend (interview)

Deadly Desire on Adblog site

POPSTER in Dutch newspaper het PAROOL


POPSTER in Dutch newspaper METRO

CJP magazine juni 2011

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Other press about FANTASTEN:

Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder Courant 07-05-2009 Gooitsen Eenling 
“Pink Hangover is an ingeniously edited, physical collage of songs, choreography and dialogues. Its playful character oozes from every pore of this performance. The music is of high quality. A wonderful performance of a promising theater group.”

Dutch newspaper Volkskrant 22-09-08, Patrick van den Hanenberg ****
“Fantasten makes sure that fantasy reigns again. The music sparkles, the text is snappy and slightly grim, there work will hit you like a snowstorm in july. What really makes Pink Hangover a fabulous performance is the almost perfect balance between music and dance. A well of sounds and exitement, it reminds me of the Lars von Trier’s films, Fantasten too can create a whole world with little to nothing.”

Dutch newspaper Spits 22-09-08 Coromandel Brombacher
“Pink Hangover is You Tube Rock!”
“Enchanting and physical musictheater”
“Superswinging songs”
“Besides that the singing is absolutely fabulous and the dialoques are to the point”

Online at Theater Centraal 01-11-2008 Marjolein Heemskerk
“refreshing and funny theater”

Press about Season 07/08:

Dutch newspaper Friesch Dagblad 26-10-07, Wiggele Wouda
“It is pure enjoyment to watch these new theater-makers.”

Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder Courant 26-10-07 Hans Brans
“Even Marcel Marceau would be proud to see these two perform.”

Dutch newspaper Gelderlander 04-10-07 Martin Hermens
“Together they create a poetic theater language, with which you instantly fall in love.”

Dutch Newspaper Noord Hollands Dagblad 01-10-07 Jannet van Lange
“A lovely, theatrical dance performance performed by two young and very fanatic theater-makers”

Dutch newspaper Volkskrant 18-12-06 Mirjam van der Linden
“Brouwer and Rijnink speak the language of the body and do so delightfully, their physical theater is not only well timed, well dosed to the point of it being almost slapstick, but also original and very inventive.“

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